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In Flight Meals

Passenger Info

In-flight meals with Jubba Airways are supplied by renowned flight kitchens From around the region. Our onboard menu includes an array of standard and Islamic meals. The menu features a blend of dishes From regional cuisines in the Gulf region to satisfy the pallet of the most discerning passengers.

Children’s Menu

Jubba Airways also offers a broad range of children’s meals for young travelers. These special meals can be requested when you book your child’s ticket or at least 24 hours in advance of departure. Our children’s menu features food items like burgers, chicken fingers, fish fingers, french fries, chocolate, fruit and crisps, all presented on a specially designed tray.

We also offer a standard quantity of proprietary brands of baby meals onboard. For passengers carrying their own infant food, our cabin crew will gladly warm the meal for you.

Business Class Menu

For business class travelers, hot soup is served with lunch or dinner. On morning flights, Jubba Airways offers business class passengers breakfast cereal as one of the items on the menu.

Jubba Airways catering department has devised several menus for each type of meal for business class passengers. These menus are rotated at pre-determined intervals of time. Jubba Airways takes special care to ensure that vegetarian meals are also available in sufficient quantity on board all its flights. The airline can also provide special diet meals onboard with advance notice.

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