Saudi Arabia

Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after the capital Riyadh. The city located on the coast of the Red Sea and is the principle gateway to Mecca. In recent years, new office blocks, apartments and modern shopping centres have transformed Jeddah into a verdant green city From the desert plains.

While in Jeddah, a visit to the Jeddah Museum is worthwhile featuring exhibits of archaeology and cultural history. The Municipality Museum is also a popular sight; it is located in a 200-year-old house beautifully built From Red Sea coral and features a photographic history of Jeddah's development and several rooms decorated in traditional style. A real shopping treat can be had in Jeddah's market, the Souk Al-Alawi. You'll lose hours of time wandering and browsing the wares along the winding streets of the old city. For more cultural and architectural insights, head for the North City Gate, where you'll find some good examples of traditional architecture. Three of Jeddah's old city gates have been reconstructed and can be found here too.

Despite its more cosmopolitan exposure, Jeddah is still a conservative city whose traditions should be respected. Women must cover themselves to avoid attention and alcohol cannot be bought or consumed.

Jeddah enjoys a warm climate, averaging 25°C- 32°C throughout the year. The hottest month is usually August. It rarely rains, but when it does this tends to fall during November and December.

Flight Offers From Jeddah

From To Departure Arrival Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Stops
JEDDAH img HARGEISA 5:00 7:00 - - - - img - - 0
JEDDAH img MOGADISHU 3:10 6:40 - - img - - - - 0
JEDDAH img MOGADISHU 5:00 8:30 img - - - - - - 0
JEDDAH img MOGADISHU 5:00 10:00 - - - - img - - 1

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